• @ltercation


With everything stopped, and everyone sent home, the smog has begun to lift. Entire countries gaze up at the stars for the first time in living memory. The canals and rivers and oceans are running clear, and plants and animals have begun to unfurl and move: a migration back from the brink, a return from the periphery to the centre.

We all sense—irrespective of what we might think, or do, or say—that this is exactly as it should be: enough is enough.       

Shoulds aside, we are very scared and we are very excited (increasingly, we cannot tell the difference between these two feelings). The changes we witness implicate us. They exclude us. They might destroy us—or recreate us.

Aren’t we animals? some ask, as if this question were irrelevant before. Don’t we have a right to be here too?

Who are they asking? And why? Hasn’t the landscape already given them its reply? Yes, and, Perhaps not.

This text was first published at Arena Online: https://arena.org.au/rewilding-part-i/

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@usgs