Writing Taboo: Invitation

Please join me and fellow writers Josephine Taylor and Holden Sheppard for an online discussion of how fiction can help us 'speak the unspeakable'!

This event will be hosted by the wonderful Avid Reader bookshop on Wednesday 16th June, 7pm, AEST.

Event info:

"Holden Sheppard’s Invisible Boys defies the chaste cultural cliches of the respectable 21st century gay. By presenting male characters who are real, flawed and unabashedly sexual his novel bulldozes societal taboos around sex, sexuality, masculinity and mental health. Josephine Taylor’s Eye of a Rook is probably the first novel to place the chronic pain condition vulvodynia at its centre. Raw and honest, the narrative dares to feature female genitals in a startlingly new way, not driven solely by sex or ‘pleasing the other’. H.C. Gildfind’s Born Sleeping attempts to pierce the painful silence that blankets the too-common phenomenon of stillbirth, whilst exploring the taboo-riddled terrain of emotional ambivalence."

For details and zoom rego, click here.

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